Jan Melcher

Software Engineer at @AEB-labs

Stuttgart, DE
Working @AEB
Co-founded WissenA5

My Projects

GitHub repositories that I've built or contributed to

A tool to combine, link and transform GraphQL schemas
228 18
Create a GraphQL API for your database, using the GraphQL SDL to model your schema.
91 8
Visual Text Analytics for Digital Humanities
12 1 Demo
Visual Comparison of Software Modularizations to Multiple Clustering Results
2 0 Demo
Node.js Minecraft Proxy which displays packets. 1.7-compatible
15 1
Just died in Minecraft, and can't find your stuff? This tool will show it to you.
10 6 Demo
A multiplayer curveball clone
6 2 Demo
A 2d jump'n'run game which auto-generates its worlds
2 1 Demo
Upgrade, backup and manage multiple instances of the same website
2 0 Demo

My Interests

Topics that I want to learn more about